Spring Cleaning

Our hourly rates start at £13.00 per hour (minimum 3 h applies).

Rates for One Off Cleaning

Here is an indication on Eco Cleaning rates for a One Off session (scheme worked out per 1 cleaning operative):

3h = £39.00 with client’s materials / £45.00 Eco Materials
5h = £65.00 / £90.00
8h = £104.00 / £120.00

Spring Cleaning Offer For Our One Off Clients

Contact us on 0207 060 5211 or 0777 004 2211 for more details or send us your request with any specifications by filling in the Contact Form.

Our Spring Cleaning service includes

Eco Cleaning takes pride in the quality of work we deliver and the impact we leave on each household we touch; bellow is a detailed list of tasks that can be carried out during our Deep Cleanings:

Entire House

  • Wiping dust off all surfaces - Including ceiling lights and chandeliers, electric switches, shelves, wooden doors, handles, frames, floors etc, shades, radiators, picture frames, cupboards and all other pieces of furniture inside and out
  • All windows and doors - from inside
  • Floors and skirting boards – cleaning of dust and washing or wiping with a damp cloth with adequate products, whichever advised by the manufacturer; Vacuum cleaning and professional steam cleaning of carpets, rugs as well as upholstery items, such as sofas, armchairs, mattresses, etc


  • Sanitizing where appropriate, wiping dust off all the surfaces, including door handles, ceiling fans, light fixtures, pictures, shelves, doors and frames, windows from inside, blinds, behind radiators
  • Cupboards and night tables inside and out, doors and shelves – wiping and dusting
  • Washing and vacuum cleaning all the floors including skirting boards, steam cleaning of carpets

Bathrooms and Lavatories

Removing limescale, cleaning, polishing, disinfecting / sanitizing and spot-free polishing of all the following areas and cabinets inside and outside:

  • Showers and Bathtubs
  • Sinks and Backsplashes
  • Toilets
  • Mirrors and Chrome
  • Cabinets, Vanities and Shelves
  • Windows, Doors and Frames
  • Floors and Skirting boards


  • Cupboards and doors - Inside/Outside Cleaning
  • Countertops and Backsplashes - Cleaning and sanitising
  • Sinks -Removing limescale and watermarks, washing, scouring, sanitising
  • Chairs and tables – Cleaning and polishing
  • Oven, Stove / Range Top– Degreasing, Cleaning Inside and Out
  • Microwave – Deodorizing, Cleaning Inside and Out
  • Fridges and Freezers – Defrosting, Inside and Out Cleaning
  • Other Appliances, such as Washing machine, Dishwasher, Dryers – Cleaning Inside Out, including filters, rubber around door edges, washing products box
  • Chrome – wiping dry and spot-free polishing
  • Floors and skirting boards –sweeping, vacuum cleaning, washing

Dining Room / Living Room

  • All windows from inside, doors and frames
  • Shelves, tables, wood furniture- wiping off dust and cleaning, polishing
  • Leather Sofas and chairs - Scotch Guard application upon request. For Upholstered furniture: turning over cushions if it can be done, vacuum cleaning, steam cleaning, as recommended; have a look at our “Carpets and Upholstery Cleaning” page for more details or contact us for a non obligation quote.
  • Floors and Skirting boards – sweeping/wiping, vacuum cleaning where appropriate, steam cleaning of carpets.

One Off Deep Clean Service

We strongly believe that your free time must absolutely be a “Me” time. So we will back up every excuse of yours to leave those boring house cores and deep cleaning tasks to us, as we have our sleeves up and our “Hands on” attitude.

During a primary Deep Clean we greenify your premises entirely. This session is completed with extra care to detail for a result you cannot help but love: a chemical free, pristine home. We move the furniture around and wipe down every single corner to guarantee a perfectly clean, spotless flat or house that you want to come back to and enjoy.

So, if you have decided it’s time to freshen up and go for that Spring Clean, you may be getting ready for a special occasion and need an extra pair of hands around the house, or you cannot commit to a Regular service because of a hectic life style, we will be happy to arrange a One Off Cleaning session with one cleaning operative or a team of cleaners - at a convenient time and day to suit your needs.

As part of our deep cleanings we can carry out a massive variety of tasks at your demand: window cleaning, degreasing of all the appliances in the kitchen, dusting and polishing all the surfaces, including natural stone worktops and bathrooms, natural wooden floors and furniture, ironing and changing of beddings, vacuum cleaning, descaling of all areas in need. We are happy to provide all the necessary cleaning equipment and products upon our client’s request.