After Builders Cleaning London

Each commercial building as well as our houses are built for our comfortable stay. We carry out repairs, renovation and refreshment of design, to make it a perfect place to be in. But after construction and building work this is impossible with out a following up after construction deep clean. Do not rely on building crews, let us take this task off your hands and solve this problem for you. Our company Eco Cleaning Service offers a complete operational solution for after builders cleaning in London.

Our extensive experience enables us to provide a full range of cleaning after decorating work as well as after reconstruction at a high quality level. We guarantee a prompt deep clean of your property. Our team of specifically trained for commercial and after builders cleaning operatives has the expertise and the knowledge in detailed specifics and only deliver at the highest standards each after builders cleaning. Our highly qualified specialists know how to cope with the removal of the toughest construction mess from every corner of your premises; solid floors and skirting boards, carpets and upholstery steam cleaning, walls, ceilings, windows, window seals and frames, doors, mirrors, all types of furniture, cupboards inside and out, office and home appliances, such as oven, hobs, fridge and freezer, microwave, dishwashers, washing machines etc.

Post Builders Clean

Our company offers not only a deep cleaning following any construction work, but we also take good care of all the accessories and decorative elements at your premises. We carefully wipe and polish, rub to shine every detail making cleanliness a colorful decoration of any building or home. Our technology - our range of carefully chosen ecological and biodegradable efficient detergents, modern equipment and professional cleaners, allows us to guarantee every surface and every item in your house in pristine condition. Our Eco Cleaners do their job quickly and efficiently at any time suitable for you.

The company manager assesses the scope, the targets and the complexity of the work and tailors an individual quote and offer for every client separately, in dependence on the property type, size and the work that needs to be carried out, to achieve only the highest expected results. For a non obligation quote, please contact us by calling us either on 0207 060 5211 or 0777 004 2211, or alternatively use our on-line Contact Form to boo your after builders cleaning in London to receive 100% brilliant cleaning.