End of Tenancy Check List

Get your deposit back with a Move-out House Cleaning from Eco Cleaning Service. We pride ourselves on leaving your home spotless.

Whole House

  • Dusting - Including ceiling fans, light fixtures, shelves, woodwork, mini blinds, furniture, radiators
  • Windows and window sill - Cleaning from inside
  • Switch-plates and Outlets -Cleaning
  • Floors - Dusting, mopping and drying tile floors, Vacuuming carpets and rugs, Sweeping and wiping with damp cloth or use manufacturer's recommended products for wood and laminate floors
  • Skirting boards -cleaning and dusting


  • Showers and Bathtubs - Cleaning, scrubbing, sanitising, descaling
  • Sinks, Vanities and Backsplashes - Cleaning, sanitising, descaling
  • Toilets - Cleaning, sanitising, descaling
  • Mirrors - Spot-free cleaning
  • Chrome - Spot-free polishing
  • Cabinets -Outside Cleaning
  • Skirting boards - cleaning and dusting


  • Sinks - Cleaning, scrubbing, sanitising, descaling
  • Countertops and Backsplashes - Cleaning and sanitising
  • Cabinets - Outside/Inside Cleaning
  • Tables and Chairs - Cleaning
  • Oven - Cleaning Inside and Out
  • Microwave - Cleaning Inside and Out
  • Range Top/Stove - Outside/Inside Cleaning
  • Refrigerator and Freezer - Inside and Out Cleaning
  • Other Appliances - Outside/inside Cleaning
  • Chrome - Spot-free polishing
  • Skirting boards -cleaning and dusting


  • Headboard - Cleaning and sanitising
  • Dusting - Including ceiling fans, light fixtures, shelves, woodwork, mini blinds, furniture, radiators
  • Closet cleaning dust wipe shelves
  • Skirting boards cleaning

Family and Dining Rooms

  • Floor sweeping and mopping or vacuum cleaning
  • Sofas and chairs: dusting and vacuum cleaning, flipping cushions over where applicable. For steam cleaning of upholstery items, please visit our “Carpets and Upholstery Cleaning” page or call us for a separate individual quotation.
  • Fireplace mantle cleaning
  • Skirting boards -cleaning and dusting

If you don't see something that you need cleaned, just ask us! =) Most likely we will clean it up as well. You never have to worry about cleaning again, we have met our objective. Cleaning with Eco Cleaning Service is not only a positive experience because we strive to make it one of the most rewarding experiences that you have with any company.